The Malvern
Bowling Club


Hi fellow bowlers,

Our Friday drinks continue to be popular and we were particularly pleased to welcome Fran, Danielle and Andy Papas, the Siebers, the Murdochs, Janet and Susie last night.

Don’t forget to join them and us on the 25th. for our Summer in August gourmet BBQ and cocktail luncheon.

Another winter cheer up has been organised. This coming Tuesday (20th August) we’re off to the Movies again. Meet us at the Lido for the 2.15 session of Palm Beach. It’s always good to support the Australian film industry.

As you know we have a number of indefatigable members, two of whom, Graeme and Andy Smith were cleaning up the office recently when they found an attractive timber framed clock. They cleaned it up, put in a battery, mounted in on the wall and it’s been keeping perfect time since. And what a lovely find it is. Here’s a photo of the inscription they found.

Til next time,