The Malvern
Bowling Club


The aim of the Malvern Bowling Club is to continue to serve the Stonnington community by providing a social and sporting club that is readily accessible to all. This means that like any organisation we can’t simply keep doing what we’ve always done and hope that that is enough. Society and culture changes and evolves and so should community clubs. Put simply, in today’s world, if we’re standing still, we’re actually going backwards.

Malvern Bowling Club’s ongoing vision is to;

  • Maintain a financially and socially viable and safe club for the enjoyment of future generations
  • Enable people from all parts of our increasingly diverse community to enjoy meaningful and fun social interaction
  • Encourage and enable social and sporting participation for all, regardless of ability
  • Modernise, in order to make our facilities fairer
  • Work for the good of our community and society