The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

What a happy week we’ve experienced at MBC.

Firstly a small group enjoyed Palm Beach. The consensus was a breezy and bright film with outstanding production and acting. The story may have been somewhat cliched but well, that’s story for you.

Then Friday night drinks as always were well attended and John’s restocked the bar and there’s lots on offer.

And of course Our Summer in August was a hoot. How can we thank Stuart, Pen, Jill, Rose, June, Ann Hume, Anita, Val, Wayne and our cocktail kings John F and John M adequately. Over 40 members and friends enjoyed a lovely day. There may have been little sun, but we dressed colourfully, drank yummy cocktails and had a delicious BBQ. It was great to welcome Marty and Heather as well as Phin all of whom we haven’t seen for some time. New member Nelson Fong and his wife Ling also joined us. Welcome.

This Saturday is Opening of the Green. Hooray.

And on Tuesday we’ll see a movie, which will be chosen at drinks on Friday.

Until Friday,

PS. Our returning member Andy Pappas was surprised I misspelt his name. He doesn’t realise there’s at least one typo in every digest. My fav. was having desert after the BBQ.