Barefoot Bowls at Malvern

In a world of synthetic everything Malvern Bowling Club still proudly maintains one of Melbourne’s finest, real, bentgrass bowling greens. Bentgrass is widely known as “the supermodel of the grass world”.
And there is nothing like the feel of bare feet on lush, green grass, particularly in Spring, Summer and Autumn! Unlike synthetic bowling greens that magnify heat and glare, real lawn remains pleasant to walk on, even on the hottest days. Barefoot bowls at Malvern is cool and relaxed.

Lawn bowls is a game that’s safe, easy to learn and where even first time novices can surprise everyone by bowling that one great bowl that beats the hardened pro and wins the match!
Barefoot bowls at Malvern Bowling Club is the ideal and fun way for any group to break the ice and get everyone involved – regardless of ability – in a fun, informal and collaborative activity.

Malvern Bowling Club believes that living with a disability should not be a barrier to participating in and enjoying all that life offers. At Malvern, we have mechanical bowling aids, green access is available via portable ramps and our volunteers are experienced in assisting bowlers with a disability to join in the fun.
Rink hire also includes assistance from experienced volunteer club members, who organise jacks and mats and are happy to explain the bowls basics, get everyone started and assist with tips and advice.

To enquire about availability and cost of barefoot bowls at Malvern Bowling Club, click here for our ‘Contact’ page or simply phone us on 9509 2004 and follow the prompts.

Or if you’re thinking about a business or boardroom event and wanting to learn more about the benefits of a Business Bowls session at Malvern Bowling Club for your team, click here.