The Malvern
Bowling Club


Malvern Bowling Club is a small and tight knit club that proudly bats above its weight in competition with other, larger clubs in Bowls Victoria’s ‘Metropolitan Pennant’ competition. Competition options at MBC include:

  • Saturday Pennant – Malvern currently fields two teams. These are:
  • Division 4 (Section 10)
  • Division 5 (Section 8)

Midweek (Tuesday) Pennant – Malvern Bowling Club currently fields two teams in the Bowls Victoria Metropolitan Midweek Pennant. These are:

  • Division 2 (Section 10)
  • Division 4 (Section 1o)

To see how our Pennant teams are going, hit the link here to ‘Bowlslink’, the Bowls Victoria Competition Portal and use the drop down menus to find the appropriate section, either 10 or 8, as per above. (Note: There’s an error on Bowlslink showing Malvern’s Saturday Division 6B side as ‘withdrawn’. They have actually been promoted and can now be found in Division 5, Section 8!)

For info about joining Malvern Bowling Club, including membership options, click here.