The Malvern
Bowling Club


Why Play Lawn Bowls?

We believe lawn bowls is the all around best, adult sport! Its time efficient, mindful, social, fun, inexpensive and anyone can quickly learn, regardless of so-called ‘sporting aptitude’. A simple web search will give you all the history, rules, etc. The question is, ‘Why would you want to take it up as a sport’?

Click below for a few random thoughts on the subject, from some Malvern Bowling Club members.

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Bowls vs Golf

What’s the difference between lawn bowls and golf?

Many golfers take up lawn-bowls and wish they’d made the switch ten years earlier! Speaking as ex-golfers and committed bowlers, we love the following things about bowls:

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Bowling at Malvern

Click the link below to view a great promotional video from Royal District Nursing Service (now called Bolton Clarke) that was shot in 2016, at Malvern Bowling Club. The video uses bowls to explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Commonwealth Games

Bowls is one of the sports of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Find out more details here.