The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

Well it’s about 18 sleeps till we open the green.

The green is looking fabulous with Adrian doing a great job and we hope members will enjoy the way it plays once we get back into it.  The club continues to send its best wishes to anyone struggling with health at the moment.

Important Dates:

Opening of the green – Saturday 31st August

There is a form at the club so please put your name down for catering.   11:30 start and we will officially open the accessible toilet as well with our dignitaries.

The schedule of events is as follows:

Saturday 31st August, 2019

11:30am Introduction of dignitaries, life members, major sponsors and welcome from Club President

11:35am Response from Major Sponsor and Local/Federal Member

11:40am Major Sponsor and Local/Federal Member have two bowls each

11:45am Invitation to Life Members to have two bowls each

11:50am Invitation to current club champions – Sue Gibbs and Stuart Arnold-Levy to have two bowls each

12:00pm Invite all in attendance in for drink and snack:

  • Introduction of new bowlers
  • Opening of the Accessible Toilet

12:30 – 3:30 Social bowls

3:30 Into clubhouse for some munchies and the season ahead information:  Introduction from Club President into the season ahead and discussion as follows

  • Meet the committee
  • Practice – when / times / intent – strategies/teams/co-ordination/availability
  • Selection criteria – 3 teams
  • Introduction to the selectors
  • Events Calendar – Div 4 / Div 6 challenge
  • Website – what you will see weekly
  • Major Sponsors
  • Handbook
  • Maintenance around the club
  • Etiquette / positions in teams
  • Measuring and Umpiring
  • Club Championships and entries etc.

4:00pm Conclusion

  • Practice Matches

Saturday 7th September at home against Dandenong Club – There is an availability form at the club

Saturday 14th September at home against MCC – There is an availability form at the club

Sunday 22nd September – Yes Sunday at home against Middle Park – There is an availability form at the club

All practice matches are uniform and full scale 21 ends commencing at 1:00pm

  • Club Championships

Forms are at the club for entries for the singles and pairs for men and women.   Entries will be open until September 30th

  • Summer in August

Sunday 25th August for Summer in August, a relaxed opportunity to mix with your friends and new members and sponsors of the club.   There is a form at the club, please put your names and numbers down so we can confirm catering.   Sponsors will be in attendance as well.  $20/head for a gourmet BBQ, salads and desert and fruit.   Drinks at club prices.

  • Prior to season commencing we will outline coaching for beginners, members and also selection criteria as well as considering another session on measuring and marking (if Suzanne is available). Stay tuned.

See you all hopefully at Summer in August, Sunday 25th August!!!! (Flyer attached….just in case you didn’t get one.



President – Malvern Bowling Club