The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Afternoon,

Another happy night at MBC. Rose Seiber made her delicious tuna mornay, David Pethard a scrumptious salad (chock a block with deliciousness) and Janet with little notice a yummy potato salad. Thank you so very much for stepping in to help. And the usual suspects, Wayne, Peck Tee and June. And of course our bar men.

It was great to see the Murdochs looking so well and have them join us for dinner. Pen is returning next week and we look forward to more deliciousness.

Many are still bowling at various venues and I’ll have more to say about this next week.

After an informal discussion we are to attempt to form a movie group which meets at The Lido in Hawthorne on the first Tuesday of the month. This coming Tuesday we will meet shortly before 2.30 to see Sometimes Always Never. Reviews are positive and Bill Nighy always entertains in my opinion. Before 4 o’clock movies are $8 so that’s more than reasonable. The negative about The Lido is parking. The Coles car park has a 2 hour limit, which can be managed and of course public transport is easy. John and I hope to see you there.

And of course there’s our popular Friday night drinks.