The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

Many of us are very busy and have a variety of calls on our time. Despite this our club has many, many generous members.  This digest will focus on thanking MBC members who in the last weeks have done so much for our club.

On Wednesday Robyn Loh contributed a delicious fried rice serving over 30 for our dinner. AND she worked all evening. AND she has undertaken the job of ‘oven fairy’ and is cleaning our Lisa Parker oven. The latter job must rank highly in the definition of generosity.
Peck Tee yet again served and cleaned on Wednesday night.
John, Graeme and Andy Smith worked the bar. And of course we couldn’t have Wednesday night without Wayne.

The bar also operated Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Joe and Sue Aaron’s visit to Fairfield BC was essential.

Stuart, Rodger and Roger spent hours organising training and selection. Side captains(Derek, Stuart& Roger) and Suzanne also deserve our thanks.

Many members supported our finalists at Burwood, Caulfield Park and MCC.

Functions continue and this Sunday we hosted a 30th Birthday party. Of the 5 members who helped 3, Rodger, Peck Tee and John Finemore had bowled on Saturday and the other 2, Dennis and I had spent that day supporting MBC at MCC. John Murdoch (in a moon boot) was profuse with his apology after making himself unavailable!!!!!!!  This was an ‘easy’ function, up to 50 guests were to bowl and BBQ from 1 to 5. This meant John left at 12 and we got home after 6.30.

The banking continues, thanks to Gregor and Olga.

Graeme must spend hours reading and passing on information. Thanks also Ed.

John F, Pen and Andy S. went constantly shopping.

This is just a snapshot.  Other weeks, maybe the same names would be mentioned but others would be added. And it’s also important to note there are members who in the past were as or more involved than the usual suspects in 2019.

This Wednesday night we are to BBQ. John will make his delicious hamburgers, Andy Smith a yummy carrot salad and other deliciousness will be offered. We will welcome guests from Hockingstuart so please join us.

Friday night drinks will continue.