The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

I write to you for the final time of the pennant year.    The reality is as a club we identified and made clear one goal, to have our Saturday Div 7 Pennant Team promoted to Div 6.     There were a number of reasons for this want to get our 2nd Saturday side up to a higher standard:

  • The Div 7 competition took this team far and wide
  • With 2 byes this meant a maximum of a 14 week season
  • With wash outs and walk overs this team actually only played 12 games

When it was clear that we stood a chance to make finals selectors set about clearly choosing a side that it believed could get the club promoted.  As I made clear on numerous occasions (apologizing really) in my correspondence this unfortunately meant that some bowlers did not get as many games as we would normally have liked in this side.    This was difficult not only for those that did not get games but also for selectors.   Being an inclusive club this is not what our usual view is on selection but taking a long term view now this will mean for next season:

  • A full 18 week season
  • Less Travel
  • Better and more consistent competition

We also hope to have enough committed bowlers to run a 3rd side on Saturday trying to get all bowlers a game on Saturday that would like one.  The inclusion of night pennant was simply to provide another alternative for those that could not get a game on Saturday to enjoy competition for 17 ends in a relaxed environment.  This worked to a degree and has also allowed us the opportunity to introduce new bowlers to this great game.

Now you can never satisfy all the bowlers all the time and certainly I had a one sided conversation (I listened) with a member who was very disappointed at not being picked for any finals game as the Div 7 side went through the division and into the sectional finals.

Firstly by explanation let me tell you how selection was done for the finals:

There were 3 finals games and selection for finals teams was a collaborative approach having the usual selectors and approx. 6 other skips involved in the selection process.   A selection panel of 10 chose what they believed to be the best and most appropriate sides based on form, positions and compatibility.  Guess what…..we won and achieved our club goals, now throw in the Div 3 side on Tuesday being promoted and a really under strength Saturday Div 4 side making finals and all in all there would be few that would think the year was not a success, at least on the green.     Great thanks here for the dedication of Rodger Kimpton for getting that extra few percentage points from bowlers and Roger Morrison and Derek de Korte for managing so well the promoted sides.   Special mention again to the assistance from Joe and Sue Aarons in the moving of the first final to Darebin.

In the end the selectors were clear; you can’t change a winning formula except for forced changes as the team that gets you there deserves the chance to continue.   There were a number of bowlers unlucky and certainly capable of bowling and qualified to bowl in this team but selectors were clear in their direction.   I can understand the disappointment from those not selected and in future hope that members believe that if I remain as Chairman of selectors I am approachable enough to have a calm organized sit down discussion if you are not satisfied with selection rather than finding an inopportune time to give me a spray and then walk off.  I think simply all selectors invest a lot of volunteer time trying to do the right thing by all members and actually deserve a little more respect than being ambushed.

General Stuff:

1)    Keep April 17 free.    Did you know that the East Malvern Branch of Bendigo Bank does insurance?    I didn’t!!!    Well they do and I have arranged that there will be a number of representatives of the branch at the club on April 17 to take a copy of your insurances and then see if they can save the members some money.

I will send out a flyer but get your buildings/ contents/ Car/Boat and for those that may have motor bikes your Bike polices out in a pile.   Put your name down for dinner and save some money and enjoy the company of your bowling friends!!!    Please support one of our most valuable sponsors by providing them the opportunity to provide us savings and generate new business for them.

2)       I have to apologise, I will not be able to run the Novice Championship this year but fear not, it will be a pre season tournament and all novices will have a chance to show their wares in competition before next season.

3)       The Hocking Stuart Cup is on Saturday 6th, please arrive around 9:00 am for the draw and an early start.   3 games of 7 ends with a bbq in the middle and then a 3 end final with the top two teams.  All this for $10 to cover costs.    We have approx 28 names already which is great for the random draw and if we can get to 30 this will balance the draw so please put your name down if you would like a game before the green closes.

4)       The Regis Cup is also on the agenda for the 27th April but I am awaiting confirmation from Regis and will advise.

5)       Closing of the green is slated for Monday 6th May to allow some ongoing seed work to be started.   We will advise the Trophy presentation day in due course and put a list in the club, potentially May 19th now to allow all trophies to be organised so keep that clear at this stage.

6)       We will be providing in the next couple of weeks an information sheet from committee regarding the direction of Bowls Vic for the future of Bowls in Victoria to keep all members abreast of the current status.




President – Malvern Bowling Club