The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

It’s been a most exciting last 2 days at MBC.

The first great excitement has been shared by our man on the ground Dick Smith. On Tuesday Roger Morrison learned Wayne was unavailable and fortunately it was realised Suzanne might be able to bowl at such short notice. Thank you so much Suzanne because Div. 5 had a WIN against the top side Bentleigh, who had not lost ALL season. Dennis, Sue, Bill and Dick had a fine win, all were on fire. Team Simmons fought so hard to draw with Wayne and Suzanne bowling especially well. Team Morrison won by 2 shots with his talented team Janet, Doug Ritchie and Ann.  Doug, relatively new to Pennant had some great bowls. In summary all Div. 5 bowled so well and as a team with every bowl counting.
Div. 3 managed a win also, due I feel to the determination and talent of our skips, Geoff, Graeme and Derek. All 3 bowled as the best skips do, calm, encouraging and able to save when it’s vital. And nearest the jack, Neil, was on fire! Joe Aarons and Peter Nowatschenko also put in fine games.

The second was Wednesday night dinner. John Finemore provided the BBQ thanks the rather reluctant generosity of the meat dept. at Coles. (Mr. Margins was never going to give then a contra deal). Also his great mate Illy from Chef Momo’s provide the sweet.
So we were set for a profitable night and then Anita and her family most generously provided the fruit and veggies. Even more generously Anita offered to help me as our numbers, including 20 guests, were about 40. Anita was wonderful. I knew she often managed large functions for her Church but her organisation, ideas and presentation are exceptional. I feel the success of one of the best meals we’ve provided is largely due to her. Anita is one of the quiet, hard working members we perhaps don’t thank often enough. So thank you very much Anita.

Of course the salads and dessert were only part of the meal. Someone had to BBQ 60 shashliks and over 80 sausages. And didn’t Wayne cook them to perfection? He was ably assisted by Garry who worked so hard all evening. Thank you both so much. We certainly couldn’t have managed without you.

Of course others helped too. Joy had her first experience in the kitchen and Rohan helped our guests with bowling. Again thanks to you both.

We had a positive new member pop in and Graeme spent some time bowling with him.

They certainly aren’t guests but we always love Marty, Heather and Olive joining us on Wednesday night. Thank you also Lindsay for supporting us.

We welcome back the Kimptons this week.

Training is on tonight.

I’ll see you soon,