The Malvern
Bowling Club


Hi All,


Just a reminder, Wednesday night dinners recommence this coming Wednesday 16th. January. We will BBQ with salads, fruit and desert.

This Saturday Div. 7 had a most disappointing loss. All did their very best, but I feel the very different speed of our green was a huge challenge to less experienced bowlers. Not to mention the wind gusts and differing grass required. Certainly, I found the bowling exhausting and confusing. But as always there were many positives. Skips Aarons and Stuart led their teams to strong wins. Team Franceschini had no luck. Team Finemore were outclassed despite ‘young’ Bill putting in a blinder (pardon the pun). Well done Bill.

So, to Div. 4. They had a great win as defeat looked to me inevitable at the break.

I would initially like to focus on Mather’s team. They were well down most of the day but never gave up and managed to claw their way back to a respectable loss. I heard Stuart tell Geoff that MBC was 6 shots up with only 2 ends to go and Geoff’s team responded with determination and a fabulous bowl from Geoff, 3 down to 2 up.  And I believe De Korte’s team were the same. I thought we were about to go at least 20 shots down and yet we won. I’d like to say I helped, but Graeme and Derek kept us in the game early and then the talented Andy B came good.

So again, the mantra, it’s a team game and every bowl does count.

Good luck to those bowling on Tuesday.

Hope to see you Wednesday night.