The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

I hope all have enjoyed the break and look forward to Saturday’s game. There won’t be a formal practice on Thursday but of course all opportunities to practice are welcome.

As usual there will be a chance to bowl and then enjoy a drink and a nibble on Friday.

New Year’s Day was a happy celebration. About 30 had a bowl and lunch in delightful sunshine. After lunch we had a playoff, organised by John Murdoch, thank you. Team Murdoch winning against Team de Korte. Great bowling was shown by Wayne, John M, Bunty, Derek and Malcolm. And I’m sure there were others.

David Pethard organised a bowl last Saturday and about 12 took the opportunity to practice. Thanks David.

So MBC has been busy bowling and having fun, as usual.

I feel I must thank 4 members in particular for the extraordinary amount of work they have done over the break, particularly for Helen’s wake and truly just generally. In fact almost every day. (Most of our committee and many members have been away). So thank you John Finemore, Graeme Lee, Wayne Martin and Andy Smith.

Hope to see you on Friday night.