The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good afternoon,

A small group of MBC members very much enjoyed Ride like a Girl this week. If you haven’t seen this film we highly recommend you do so. Other members recommend Pavarotti, Judy and The Irishman.
Of course there’s The Crown on Netflix and Australian Story on ABC if you’re looking for at home entertainment.
We’re also reading Zola’s Germinal and Cheng’s Room for a Stranger.

I had great fun this Wednesday night, so much so the chicken went on a tad late. ?
Thank you so much to Robyn Loh for her salads and yum potatoes, Andy Pappas for helping John Finemore with his chicken dish and all who support our Wednesday dinners. And of course Wayne.

You may know John Finemore was the recipient of a Higgins Community Volunteer award for his services to MBC. 41 volunteers were present at Malvern Town Hall on Monday evening to receive recognition for their work for a wide range of organisations. John felt somewhat unworthy meeting the other recipients who in some cases had volunteered for many years and in challenging circumstances. However I reminded him that he’s always belonged to a community group since he was a 12 year old  and a member of the Richmond Football Club cheer squad. This is to make Fran, our secretary laugh, he was even once the secretary of a parent’s group. As I chat to many of you I’ve also learned most of our members also volunteer outside our club. I believe that’s another reason we’re such a happy and interesting group.

See you very soon,