The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

I was privileged to be able to join in Joe’s lesson on Sunday morning. As a former teacher I can’t praise Joe enough. His knowledge, patience and encouragement are outstanding. With me were many other new members to MBC. I thought how extremely fortunate MBC is to have gained so many new members. Without exception our newer members are making our club a happier and more successful one.
Again thank you Joe.

Unfortunately Joe is unavailable for the next few Sundays.

I’m not entirely up with all the news but I do have some interesting singles results.
Rodger defeated Michael in a marathon and really close game. David Pethard similarly defeated Ron. Andy B defeated Jill. Both were happy with their game, very close initially Andy’s experience told.

John is grateful for all the best wishes. He is recovering well from his and I quote ‘major, major surgery’. He hopes to see all soonish. I’d particularly like to thank Stuart for his support and letting me pull out from games with no fuss.

See you at training, Friday drinks and on Saturday.