The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

Our club has had another busy week. Fun and success was enjoyed by all our bowlers at training, practice and at pennant.

Sunday started early with an excellent training session thanks to Joe,  Peter and Malcolm were playing a men’s single match, Stuart and John F were working and Ron came to help.

Then The Lighthouse Foundation function began at 3. Although the numbers weren’t quite what the organisers would have hoped for it was still a successful and most enjoyable day. The Foundation is a worthy and unique organisation  and we can be proud of our support. It was a sobering experience speaking to those involved in caring for some of our most damaged and vulnerable young people. Lighthouse is keen to continue our association and we hope next year will be even more successful. Lauriston girls, staff and parents were also involved and we hope that they may become part of our schools’ program. We must thank Stuart, John M, John F, David Knott, Andy P, Bunty, Ron, Michael and Malcolm for their help during the long day. Also to the many members who dropped in to support MBC efforts. And our bakers, Olga, Jill, Nelson and Roger M. ( I apologise if I’ve unintentionally omitted anyone).

I haven’t thanked Andy S and Gerald for their pruning of the lemon tree, if you look at it you will realise what a big job it was. We look forward to new growth soon. And Stuart has thanked Andy and Michael Pappas for their work on our lights.

Our master chef was in his usual fine form and I hear his fish recipe was particularly yummy. Thank you.

The de Kortes have returned from an exciting trip and Derek was on fire on Tuesday. As were Ed and Neil. So Div 2 won with 2 rinks up. Div 5 defeated Glen Eira McKinnon 62 shots to 45, again with 2 rinks up. Gregor’s rink won by 18 shots, congratulations to Peter, Andy S. Olga and of course Gregor. Well done MBC.

I shall see you soon but please remember Joe is continuing his training on Sunday morning from 10 til 12. Feedback from those who were able to participate last week was excellent.