The Malvern
Bowling Club

Visit to MBC by Frank Peniguel

Malvern Bowling Club was pleased yesterday to welcome Frank Peniguel and wish him all the very best in his ten-end game against club member David Pethard.

Seventy year old Frank is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the most lawn bowl clubs played at by an individual in 12 months.  In order for his feat to be valid for inclusion in the book, Frank must play ten ends of lawn bowls against a club member, with two independent witnesses present.

Starting in Daylesford in January this year, Frank aimed to play at between 600-900 clubs during 2014.   He is well ahead of his own target and we can look forward to seeing his name in print before long.  In the meantime, he has blogged his journey online at

Malvern Bowling Club supports and encourages individuals who promote our wonderful sport.  All the best to Frank on his world record attempt and you’re welcome back any time to play another few ends, Frank!