The Malvern
Bowling Club

Christmas Cocktail Party a Great Success

Last night’s Malvern Bowling Club Christmas Cocktail Party was a wonderful evening of fabulous finger food and great fun.  It is due to the hard work of a small group of people that we can announce it as the Event of the Year.  The team, led by the indefatigable Penny Gamble, created a festive atmosphere with the club rooms beautifully decorated in seasonal style, and the careful planning and preparation of food ensured that no-one went home hungry.  All around the clubroom there was chatter, laughter and conviviality, with background music provided by the King’s College Choir.

This morning, the Club President Tony Gamble sent the following message to the organisers:

“Good morning to Debbie, David, John, Dee, Graeme, June and Pen,

In the aftermath of last night’s party, I wish to pay a special tribute to each of you for your wonderful contribution to its undeniable success. 

I consider that the efforts put into the planning and the conduct of the party itself reflect the wonderful spirit, for which the Malvern Bowling Club is renowned, and it is due to your hard work and the sharing of the camaraderie which created an event of which each of you can be proud.”

The Malvern Bowling Club extends a hearty Seasons Greetings to club members and their families and hopes that the weeks ahead are joyous for you all.