The Malvern
Bowling Club



Who would have expected this? The story just has to be told.

Malvern (Div-4) top-side hosted Murrumbeena (24/11) who had only one win coming into round 7, would absolutely wallop them at Coonil Crescent by 81+ shots (117/36) & take all 18 points for the match. In spite of 2 days of continual showers, the green preformed amazingly well, running at around 12 seconds.

IMG_20181124_170249227                            IMG_20181124_172012571

Malvern led at the break 69/28 after 52-ends. The next 32 ends  produced

48+ shots to 8. A blistering & most satisfying  win. That adds a 4th win to Malvern’s report card, reading 4 -wins, & 1-draw from 7 outings & now locks us into 2ndplace on the ladder, behind St.Kilda.

2 rink performances were a standout & rarely ever achieved, regardless of an oppositions position on the ladder.

Derek deKorte (skip) Andy Barraclough (3rd) Ross Stuart (2nd) Ed Payne (Lead)

absolutely blitzed the Murrumbeena rink to win 39/5, losing only 4-ends in the process.

Stuart Arnold-Levy, (Skip) Graeme Lee (3rd) Neil Martin (2nd) Andy Smith (Lead)

weren’t far behind winning 31/5.

Geoff Mathers rink of  Garry Devlin (3rd) Brian Loh (2nd) David Pethard (Lead)

won 28/12 after scoring 18+shots to 3 after the break.

John Murdoch’s rink had a tight contest all day, breaking away over the last couple of ends to win 19/14. His rink included Denis Kilmartin (3rd) Robyn Loh (2nd) Olga Nowatschenko (Lead)

Round-8 next Saturday sees the Malvern top-side visit Sandringham who have scored 3-wins.

Malvern’s 2nd side were unfortunately given a walkover by Richmond Union.

Whilst they collect the 18-points they missed out on valuable match play,

but did enjoy a solid practice match session amongst themselves on our home turf.


Geoff Mathers