The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

A great win by the Div 7 team away from home on Saturday, let’s hope it is the start of some good winning form, certainly with availability improving the strength within this side will also continue to grow and the expectations of finals is still very clear.    This team is starting to work together and the results on a rink by rink basis will come, ably led by Roger Morrison who is doing everything in his power to help gel this unit together.

A special mention also here to Chris Gahan, whilst struggling a little health wise Chris is at practice every week (thanks Joy) trying to improve and do the best he can, he is available every week and because he wants a bowl agreed to help by filling in for Toorak on the weekend.    Thanks Chris for being and showing us the spirit of Malvern!!!

The Div 4 side coughed and spluttered its way to an away draw which in all honesty was 5 more points than we deserved.   Two winning rinks and two losing rinks but the quality and standard of bowling on a heavy green left a lot to be desired.    The ability to adjust weight should be there within all those capable of playing Div 4 and getting the basics right like jack rolling and measuring are critical when it comes down to the last bowl.  Never giving up is also critical and I am not sure if this element was fully there on Saturday.

Unfortunately, this brings me to two instances on the green on Saturday, one in each division that I have been made aware of, without going into the specifics I make the following clear from a club and committee perspective:

  1. At all times we MUST have respect for our own team mates and our opposition
  2. If there is an issue where anyone on our team feels uncomfortable refer it to the side captain to manage.
  3. If you are frustrated with a team mate or a situation, step away, take a breath and then refer it to your side captain or skip.

I can assure you that the club and committee will not take kindly or well to any formal complaints against our own bowlers being unkind or disrespectful to our own or the opposition bowlers.    I am disappointed that I have to remind all club members of this and whilst I have received no formal complaints from the incidents on Saturday it is clearly something I need to raise in general as a reminder that any such acts will not be looked upon well.

A reminder for selection for Saturday:

Given we are now coming into a situation having bowlers on rotation and therefore not getting a game every week, if you make yourself available the club is STILL looking to ensure you do get a game every week and there is a bankers website to advertise any available bowlers for other clubs to access or to advise if we need fill in bowlers.    On home games we will run a 9th rink for an internal bankers practice game.    I apologise for those that are not selected in either of the pennant sides but we will do our best weekly to ensure you get a game as we have noted previously.

As a follow on the club still needs:

  1. Some more bowlers willing to bowl Tuesday pennant, currently we have less than 24 names on the list and we need to select sides for the first game in a week’s time and we need 24 and we have some unavailable already who’s names are on the list.  Please if you want a game Tuesday make sure your name is on the list for Tuesday.
  2. Night Pennant – as noted we are fielding one team this year (think it starts around November) but only have 9 names down for interested bowlers.    This is the first start in trying to grow the club and provide all bowlers wanting a game during the week an opportunity, besides that it is fun so if you want some good practice in a short format then I encourage you to put your name on the list at the club.

Other items:

Choral Afternoon

Just a reminder we need a minimum of 60 attendees for the Choral afternoon on Sunday November 11th, this should be a great afternoon and I encourage all members to come along and bring the family, just $25 including your first drink and something to eat as well represents great value and is an important fundraiser for the club.   At the moment we have 40 people confirmed only, bring along the family and friends, have a drink, a bowls and a relax supported by some great music!!!!!   The sheet is at the club awaiting your names.

Melbourne Cup Calcutta

I have decided to cancel this event simply due to a lack of interest which is a pity as we design these events as club fundraisers and for the club community to get together and enjoy each other’s company.   There is a lot of time and effort that goes into conducting these events and an investment of such time and effort is only worthwhile if there is the interest so in this case it’s not to be but hopefully some more support for future events.

Hi again all, re practice this week, I am unable to commit to practice this week as I have work commitments with international travellers during the day and then at night.     That being the case I suggest anyone wanting to practice to get a good feel for the greens arrange to practice in the teams that will be posted first thing Thursday morning, use the opportunity as a team bonding exercise to work with and talk strategies with your team members.

Further and I failed to mention this in the presidents message, I would suggest that it is CRITICAL that all bowlers bowling pennant give themselves at least 30 minutes roll up prior to the commencement of pennant on Saturday for the home game.

Rinks are available from 11:00am, the competitive advantage that can be gained in the first few ends especially as our greens will remain on the heavy side for a while could be the difference between winning and losing.

Both teams have very competitive games Saturday and any advantage we have could be important.