The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

A really good effort by both Saturday teams in the first week of pennant and a super win by Div 3 on Tuesday and competitive efforts by Div 5.    Div 4 had a great away win on a difficult green at Albert Park on Saturday.    Reinforcing away wins with home wins is the next step.

Once again if it was not for Brian and Robyn Loh filling in on Tuesday we would have struggled to fill the 2nd side last week.    We have a dedicated group of about 20 bowlers wanting a game every week but we need 24 week in week out.

Tomorrow sees us one short in the Div 7 side for our first home game with approximately 21 bowlers unavailable.    We actually had more bowlers available for practice matches.     What is most frustrating from a selection perspective is that when the majority of bowlers are available wanting a game we will have a number of bowlers who won’t get a game and then we will have frustrated bowlers.

We are a bowling club and I personally feel that as President and Chairman of selectors we bash our heads against a wall every week trying to field teams and then field complaints when we have too many or bowlers are playing in the “wrong” positions or aren’t supportive enough etc etc etc, we can only pick what we have in the pool of available bowlers and this means that we ask some bowlers to bowl in positions they are either unfamiliar with or have not bowled in before and we all do our best, every week …….your damned if you do and damned if you don’t….we as a club need to change either selection policy or recruit those that actually want to bowl on a weekly committed basis.

Now I understand, things happen, sickness, family etc etc but consider whether you are bowlers or not and what level of commitment you have or want to have.    We looked at putting a 3rd side in this year on Saturday, I got some but not full support from the committee so did not pursue this…..fortunately….as I say, full availability leaves us with about 15 bowlers over, I trust we will all be understanding at the different selection difficulties when this occurs….

Enough ranting from me but sense the honest frustration.

Therefore, if you are available the club is STILL looking to ensure you do get a game every week.

As a follow on the club still needs:

  1. Some more bowlers willing to bowl Tuesday pennant, currently we have less than 24 names on the list and we need to select sides for the first game in a week’s time and we need 24 and we have some unavailable already who’s names are on the list.  Please if you want a game Tuesday make sure your name is on the list for Tuesday.
  2. Night Pennant – as noted we are fielding one team this year (think it starts around November) but only have 9 names down for interested bowlers.    This is the first start in trying to grow the club and provide all bowlers wanting a game during the week an opportunity, besides that it is fun so if you want some good practice in a short format then I encourage you to put your name on the list at the club.

Other items:

Choral Afternoon

Just a reminder that we have a couple of events in November.   We need a minimum of 100 attendees for the Choral afternoon on November 11th, this should be a great afternoon and I encourage all members to come along and bring the family, just $25 including your first drink and something to eat as well represents great value and is an important fundraiser for the club.   At the moment we have 12 people confirmed, would hate to have to cancel this but we need to make a decision soon so need your names down on the sheet at the club.

Melbourne Cup Calcutta

We intend on Monday 5th of November to have a Melbourne Cup evening for all members to enjoy.    A sheet is at the club to garner interest, we would like to see at least 50 attendees, we will certainly have a few of our sponsors in attendance as well…….stay tuned…..

Club Competitions

Draws are completed and at the club, no flexibility as per last year on dates on sheets.

Ø  Men’s and Ladies singles – First to 25.   Marker required from round 3 onwards

Ø  Men’s and Ladies Pairs – All rounds other than finals are 15 ends bowled in a 2/4/2 format.    The final is 18 ends.   No markers required.

Sheets are now also up for entries for the following:

Ø  100 up

Ø  21 Up

Ø  Novice Championship

Ø  Mixed pairs

Wednesday dinners

We are back and running thanks to Penny and her merry bunch of ladies including Jill McLean, Anita Andrea and June Lee.    I think Dee is in there somewhere as well.    Thanks Ladies!!!!!    Sheets are available at the club for your names.

Good luck and good bowling!!!!



President – Malvern Bowling Club

M – 0410 074 270

E – [email protected]