The Malvern
Bowling Club



On Tuesday Div. 3 had an amazing result. Geoff Mathers, a very  experienced bowler, called it impossible. His rink with Neil, second and Robyn, lead, that’s right a three, won by 10 shots!!!! Given they bowled 42 less bowls my creative accounting makes this a 52 shot win.(all the accountants are now rolling their eyes, but you get my drift.) Obviously they were all on fire, you are the champions. And so we defeated MCC, 3 rinks up. A win which always gives me pleasure.

And a thank you to Gregor for filling in at the last moment and a big welcome home. He and Diana have just returned from a memorable trip to Europe.  On their return journey they caught up with Pek Tee and Rodger in Singapore. (I believe Diana enjoyed a coaching session, so we hope to see her on the green). And how we miss the Kimptons and I was so sorry to hear we won’t see them til November.

Div. 5 did their best, but against strong opposition went down.

News from Saturday Pennant was Div. 4 had a great win while Div. 7 as always did tried their hardest against realistically impossible odds. The opposition 3rd on John Finemore’s rink was a Div. 3 player. On a positive note, thanks always to Roger 2, I hear Phin was great, so again well done to all.

A thank you to Brian, Peter  and Andy Smith for, at late notice, helping John Finemore with functions on Wednesday. John was unwell but had organised to take a school group during the day and of course there’s the bar Wednesday night. Again this was a typical MBC response, ‘that’s no real trouble, and I’m happy to help’. And a special thank you to Jill McLean, who knowing Pen needed a driver and help, left an Apple Store (and anyone who’s been there knows the sacrifice she made as her number was soon to be called) to be at MBC by 5. So Jill assisted at the Rotary dinner as a favour to MBC. More on the dinner next week, but I know Anne Franceschini was also generously helping Pen (and of course MBC, which of course is you).

Sue Swann has returned home and her knee op. has gone as well as she hoped, so we hope to see her soon.

Robert Franceschini continues to join us for a catch up and he hopes to put down a bowl soonish.

Both MBC’s Johns have had BCCs ‘chopped out’, at great inconvenience to them and MBC. (This is a joke to pay Stuart back for asking me why I was giving him an hour notice re my John’s unavailability. And to possibly misquote him, ‘Was I brain dead, didn’t remember John and I bowled on Tuesday,’ etc?  And if you don’t understand this may I suggest you become a selector.)

I have also been in touch with Helen Borthwick who has only just returned home following hospitalisation and rehabilitation. She remains in some pain and great inconvenience having broken a wrist and four ribs. Helen would love to hear from you.

I hope to see you at drinks on Friday.