The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

What a good opening to the season on Saturday with a well attended opening of the green.     It was great to see all the members there (including new members Joe and Sue Aarons and David and Sandra Knott) and the involvement and support of Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien.    The bleakness of the weather did not deter us from trying out the new greens and the universal belief was positive on the new surface, a testament to the work done by greenkeeper Adrian and his team.

A special thanks to Penny and her merry band of helpers who provided a great brunch and then after bowls selection for all bowlers to enjoy…..the club is in a great position with so many wanting to assist.

This Saturday sees the traditional Division 4 versus Division 7 challenge where selectors will try and match potential first round of pennant sides together.    With more than 40 players with their names down for a game we will run 4 full rinks in the challenge and there will be sufficient bowlers to then run a 5th rink game as well.

As a follow on from Saturday we need:

  1. Some more bowlers willing to bowl Tuesday pennant, currently we have less than 24 names on the list and we need to select sides for the first game in a week’s time and we need 24 and we have some unavailable already who’s names are on the list.  Please if you want a game Tuesday make sure your name is on the list for Tuesday.
  2. Night Pennant – as noted we are fielding one team this year (think it starts around November) but only have 9 names down for interested bowlers.    This is the first start in trying to grow the club and provide all bowlers wanting a game during the week an opportunity, besides that it is fun so if you want some good practice in a short format then I encourage you to put your name on the list at the club.

  1. Entries for club championships etc.     Entry forms are on the board and close Oct 6th.    There will be other competitions and I am also hoping to run a novice competition for those new bowlers as well…..stay tuned.

Practice commences this Thursday at 4:30pm, as indicated we will do 45 mins of technique and specific training for leads/2nds and 3rds/skips followed by some match practice.    Match practice will ordinarily be in the Saturday teams but given the Div 4 / Div 7 challenge this week match practice will just be sorted after the technique training.

Let’s develop habits for the season in training and carry them forward.    I hope you all are looking forward to the season as I am, we want to be competitive on the greens, respectful of our opposition and hopefully successful.



President – Malvern Bowling Club

M – 0410 074 270

E – [email protected]