The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

What a fantastic Opening Of The Green!! We must thank all involved, the committee, especially Stuart, and of course Penny. Pen is an inspiration, I think I’ll just always add indefatigable to Penny organised, helped, set up etc.’ And of course we must also thank her helpers,  June, Janet, Andy Smith and Jill.

It was also a pleasure to welcome our parliamentary representatives, Kelly O’Dwyer and Michael O’Brien. (I noticed Kelly speaking on the news on Monday, from Canberra. Interesting given the debate on Female representation).

And of course our 2 life members, Marty and Olive. Forever young. Possibly because I’ve never heard a negative word from either.

It was also a pleasure to see Nick Zorbas and David Bennett after some time. They are 2 of our more popular members and we have missed their knowledgeable and urbane views on the issues of the day. And of course they have been missed on the green.

A number of our keener members bowled, despite cold conditions. Well done Bunty, Ed, David Pethard and others.

John saw Eiko and Shinei practicing on Monday. It is just so good to have this now perfect green open.

And remember practice is now Thursday evening from 4.30. Friday will be an informal opportunity to bowl and or enjoy a chat and drink from 4.

Until practice,


And a word from Graeme Lee.

As most would probably be aware, the club has submitted an application for a Federal Government grant which, if successful, will enable renovations to the existing male and female toilets and the addition of a unisex accessible toilet.

The advantages are obvious. The number and variety of groups potentially able and willing to use what is currently an extremely under-utilised asset will be expanded enormously.

The application was written by a team led by Andy Smith and included Peter Nowatschenko, Phin Meere, with huge support from John Murdoch, Malcolm McLean, Stuart Arnold-Levy, Paul Holtschke (Bowls Australia), Stonnington Council, Cabrini and others.

The time constraints to meet the deadline for submitting the application and the necessary quality and professionalism of the finished product  were a huge challenge and the team should be thanked and congratulated by all members for an outstanding result.

The club is indeed fortunate to have access to such talent and enthusiasm from relatively new members.