Helen takes the singles title

In a classic tightly fought singles final which contained more conversions than a Jimmy Swaggart TV series Helen has lifted her third MBC singles title.

In what might be described as a game of three halves Helen raced away to a 9-1 lead after seven ends.  Suzanne, maintaining her composure, got into a groove and recovered to 14 all after 18 ends.

From there the match turned into a slugfest to 21-20 after 27.  On that end Suzanne played a vital bowl, down 17-21 with Helen on the jack, pushing Helen’s bowl through for 3.

From there it was again great shot after shot with Helen holding 3, cut back to one by Suzanne’s last bowl.  Wisely, Helen said I’ll take that, as on this end, like so many, you could have thrown a tea towel over most of the bowls.

Helen grabbed two for 24-20 mising out on a measure for the match.

On what turned out to be the last end of a match the tension continued with Suzanne holding two when Helen drew a virtual resting toucher. Yet again Suzanne attacked the head catching the edge of Helen’s shot.  Helen’s bowl turned over and went to turn over again but hovered and fell back in for the match.

This was without doubt one of the best singles exhibitions seen at the club for many years,  the standard of which would befit a State final, a  great match between two great competitors.

Well done Helen and Suzanne and thanks to Tony for marking.


  1. Brian Loh

    What a fantastic effort from both ladies. An inspiration to us all.

  2. Barry O'Sullivan

    Congratulations Helen on winning the Ladies Championship again. Barry

  3. DP

    I would gladly pay to see another final like this one. Both Helen and Suzanne show tremendous focus, plenty of chalk, rollovers, nudges and niggles, and the crowd gave them both a very worthy standing ovation.

  4. Graeme Lee

    Congratulations Helen and commiserations Suzanne. And thanks Michael for the splendid description of what sounds like a most exciting game.

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