Denis wins the singles

Denis Kilmartin has taken out this year’s men’s singles championship 25-19 in a tremendous match with Skippy.  Hearty congratulations are due to both players for reaching the final and producing some great bowling which was described by the man closest to the action, marker Tony Gamble, as follows:

“Sunday, January 12, 2014. A Big Day at the Malvern Bowling Club.   Mens Singles Final – the bringing together of the remaining combatants to decide the Club Mens Champion. The day? Near perfect – about 25 degrees with only the gentlest of breezes.  The Players? Left-handed, long time Club Stalwart Denis “Killer” Kilmartin bowling his black Classic 2’s, and he of the recognisable, stylish delivery action, Michael “Skippy” Pappas with his very well-known, green Bombs.  The match? Simple. Four bowls each and first to 25!  Played on Rink 5 on a green which was considered rather quick and assumed to be rated about 15 – 16. But not otherwise measured.

Killer won the toss and took the mat. After a two-end roll-up, hostilities commenced at about 2.05pm before an enthusiastic and growing crowd of supporters for both camps.  Killer took the early lead and steadily progressed to a scoreline of about 21 – 7 on 15 ends.

One might say “well in hand” for him. But, as is so often the case in our wonderful game, then came an amazing turn around with Skippy managing to impose his will on the contest, and holding Killer on 21 for the next 7 ends, then achieving a scoreline of 21 – 19. Both players had preferred longer ends generally.

“Oops” said Killer (to himself) and then managed to draw away to a 25 -19 win, but not before killing one end in desperation, and being subjected to a few Skippy upshots (some of which were successful) but ultimatelyleaving a Killer draw shot alone for the win in almost exactly two hours!

It was a pleasure to act as Marker in this match. The services of Suzanne Gibbs as Umpire were not called upon.

Congratulations Killer and well played Skippy!

Tony Gamble”

Many thanks Bomber for a terrific report and I hope your feet are starting to feel normal soon.



  1. Congrats Killer,no excuses to stop smileing now.
    Commiserations Skippy well done ,youth is on your side.

    The link above is for the trophy winners of the triples as presented by Tony

  2. Barry O'Sullivan

    Congratulations Denis on becoming the 2013-14 MBC Men’s Champion. Those classic 2’s still have some life left in them.
    Well done skippy on your comeback. Better luck next year.
    I am sorry I wasn’t there to to see the match but I had a prior commitment at the ODI cricket match at the MCG.

    • Triples result---Click Link

      Well done Killer. welcome to a select group, its time to start smiling.
      Well done Skippy, youth is on your side-stay tenacious your turn will come
      David P

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