The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

As promised, it’s a pleasure to thank the Murdoch family for their inspiration which resulted in our first ever movie night, the screening of CrackerJack. There is of course a back story. Their daughter Lisa bought John the DVD for Christmas and so Marg and John realised, now knowing the joys of belonging to a bowling club, how much fun MBC could have revisiting the film.

We watched the film on a huge blow up screen, thanks again to Lisa, John, Sharon (who hires out this screen), Graeme and Andy. The set up and testing took over 2 hours.

One of our biggest kids, Stuart, decided we’d have ‘movie’ food so as well as hot dogs he provided chips, popcorn and lollies. I have to report there were a lot of big kids present, all the lollies went early. Of course, thanks also to Pen.

We had a great crowd and all thoroughly enjoyed the movie, a chat, drinks and supper. Another fabulous social night at MBC. We hope to repeat this success with ‘A Movie on the Green’ night.

If you unfortunately weren’t able to join us try and see the movie. It was a joy, so funny yet true and a who’s who of Australian actors.

Stuart will report on the Special General Meeting.

And in breaking news our Tuesday night team have had THREE wins in a row.

See you tonight for Tatt’s, tomorrow for training and Friday for drinks?