The Malvern
Bowling Club



As we now all know Joe Aarons received an AM in The Australia Day honours, and remarkably this was his second honour for his involvement in sport. Joe sent me a delightful email saying how humbled and unbelievable he felt about this recognition, praising the other hard-working volunteers who keep so many clubs in existence.

As he said only a few are rewarded publicly. This made me think that although we see other members often, we perhaps don’t know a great deal about them, particularly their interests and community involvement.  Further on this thought Joe and I were chatting, and he started to explain his and Sue’s involvement with China. Of course, we were interrupted by the perennial problem of parking tickets, so I didn’t learn any more. This was an interesting conversation to be continued and if you’re also interested ask Sue or Joe.

And so, to my point. I am going to occasionally interview MBC members for the digest. We think this will add to the wonderful spirit and comradeship that exists at MBC.

So, here’s a little more about one of our most popular MBC friends, pencil power Garry Devlin. Garry believes this is his third full season, he joined, as have so many, after much encouragement from Michael Classon. And again, like so many of us he feels MBC is a wonderful community where all belong and are welcome. As Michael Classon often said, we’re a social cub that bowls.

Garry’s bowling skill is remarkable. In his short time with MBC he’s won the most improved player and the men’s pairs. Garry is grateful to Stuart, Rodger and John Murdoch for their coaching and encouragement.

However, this sporting ability isn’t new. Garry, despite never receiving any formal training, has played most sports, from school days onwards. Basketball prior to bowls was his fav, at one stage he played six days a week.

He’s also very fond of billiards and snooker, following in the footsteps of his champion grandfather Dave O’Neil.

Garry is a wonderful social member who attends most functions usually inviting some of his many friends. He’s also made himself available to assist at functions whenever possible and John has found his assistance invaluable.

Garry has been a valued member of other communities, he volunteered for six months at Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital and in Melbourne for over eight years with St. Vincent de Paul.

Garry as we know has a keen and eclectic interest in music. Jazz, Punk, Heavy Metal etc. etc. all rate highly. He does draw the line at Dixieland Jazz.

Sadly, for us Garry, with regret, is returning to Adelaide after 32 years in Melbourne. He has delayed this return until ‘we win the grand final’. Let’s do it for Gazman.

I hope to see you either tomorrow night or AT THE MOVIES.

Friday night drinks is cancelled this week only.

Good luck to Div. 4 on Saturday.