The Malvern
Bowling Club


Such a happy time at MBC.

Sunday’s wine tasting was joyful. My favs were the GSM red and the Rose named Abigail Rose, named after one of Val’s much loved granddaughters and her cousin, our much loved Rose. How delightful the so generous and wonderful Val and Richard Sieber were represented by our Siebers. Pen’s grazing table was elegant and the food truly delicious.

And the championship bowling amazing. Well done to all.

I think I must also thank John and Graeme, they were super organised and the result was a great and profitable day.

And if that wasn’t fun enough last night was our Christmas Cocktail Party. The indefatigable Pen again starred, providing delicious and plentiful yumminess. There are many to thank, but I’d like to especially thank June and Wayne. They are constant and hardworking MBC members.

A most pleasing feature of both events was the widespread support from our members. Apart from our stalwarts we welcomed Bambi Allen, Rohan, Ted and Vanessa Payne, Carol and Graeme Bowker, Kay and Robin Stevens and Lindsay.

There won’t be Friday night drinks this week, so I wish all the happiest Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Last New Year’s Day we held a fun bowling day at the club. It was BYO meat for the BBQ and we provided salads. If the weather is kind again I’ll be in touch and hope to see you then for a mini competition.

Until the New Year, and be safe,