The Malvern
Bowling Club


No Dee’s digest while Dee is enjoying her annual Barrossa tour with John and friends but a couple of things worth reporting came up last evening during the final Wednesday dinner.


It was most enjoyable, pretty much a members only night. Marty Palmer was there with daughter Heather and proved that at 98 she remains a force to be reckoned with. For those readers not aware, Marty is one of two MBC life members, the other being Olive Harding.


It was great to see Marty and we will see her, and Heather, and hopefully Olive, at the closing of the green, 12 noon on Sunday week May 7th, which brings me to the other item worth a mention.


The “closing of the green” has been the subject of some publicity and confusion as to the date. What has not been highlighted is that the full title of the occasion is “closing of green and presentation day”. What this means is that not only do we get to enjoy one of Penny Gamble’s lunches, (Penny is assisted by a number of volunteers who also must be thanked for their important part in the proceedings), but we also witness the presentation of awards to all trophy winners. All this for a modest twenty dollars and that includes a first drink.


Make sure your name is on the list if it isn’t already. If you can’t get to the club ring Penny 0412 952 922 or phone/email one of the other contacts listed on this site