The Malvern
Bowling Club

Closing of the Green and Presentations May 2017

Thank you to Stuart Arnold-Levy for the huge effort in organising and presenting the many trophies. He appears in many of the photos below but not the one jointly received by him with Suzanne Gibbs for winning the mixed pairs.

Setup supervised by Penny Gamble provided a bright,welcoming feeling for the arriving members. Convivial conversation and a happy bar person (Derek de Korte) helped enormously

DSC_1232                                DSC_1240

DSC_1247                               DSC_1241

DSC_1251                                DSC_1254

Roast lamb, chicken with exquisite vegetables provided by Anita D’Andrea and served by a team of volunteers made a beautiful main course which was preceded by a range of mouth watering appetisers prepared by various members.

The inaugural Tony Gamble “Spirit of Malvern” perpetual trophy, was awarded this year to Deidre and John Finemore by Penny, assisted by daughters Jess and Letitia. Dee and John could not be present in person but accepted by phone.

DSC_1265                                          DSC_1267

In consideration of the huge effort by the mid-week Div. 2 Pennant team which reached the Division Grand Final, Stuart arranged a medallion for each of the members of the team. Here’s Neil Martin running off with his.

Div2-RunnerUp-Midweek-Pennant-2017                                                  DSC_1288

DSC_1257                                         DSC_1280

DSC_1271                                        DSC_1284

From top left:

The Team winning the Section Final.

Phin accepting his “Most Improved Saturday trophy.

Cabrini Cup winners Sue Swann, Gregor Dougall, Andy Barraclough, Shinai Sakai (absent).

Mens Singles Runner up Gregor Dougall.

Mixed Pairs runners up David Pethard and Andy Barraclough.

Mens Singles Champion John Murdoch.

A full list of trophy winners follows:


Men’s Singles Winner

John Murdoch


Ladies Singles Winner

Andy Barraclough


Men’s Singles Runner Up

Gregor Dougall


Ladies Singles Runner Up

Eiko Sakai


Men’s Pairs Championship


David Pethard

David Bird

Mixed Pairs Championship



Suzanne Gibbs

Stuart Arnold-Levy

Tony Gamble Perpetual Trophy

“Spirit of Malvern Award”

John Finemore

Dee Finemore


Men’s Pairs Runners Up

Garry Devlin

Edward Payne


Mixed Pairs Runners Up

Andy Barraclough

David Pethard


Most Improved Male Bowler

Saturday Pennant

Phin Meere


Most Improved Bowler

Tuesday Pennant

Graeme Lee


Cabrini Cup Winners

Andy Barraclough

Sue Swann

Shinei Sakai

Gregor Dougall


Most Improved Female Bowler

Saturday Pennant

Bunty Evans


Best Rink Div 4 / Div 7


Hellen Classon

Neil Martin

David Pethard