The Malvern
Bowling Club

What’s New? Who’s In? Who’s Out?

The recent AGM of the Malvern Bowling Club was well-attended by 34 members and resulted in the following Committee being elected for the 2015/2016 season:

President:  Michael Classon

Vice President:  Maurice Bernstein

Treasurer:  Gregor Dougall

Secretary:  David Hurford

The following Committee positions were elected:

Bowling:  Stuart Arnold-Levy

Membership:  Tony Gamble

Community Relations:  Maurice Bernstein

Functions:  Derek de Korte

Property:  Graeme Lee

Social Events:  Penny Gamble

We welcome new Committee member, Stuart Arnold-Levy, and extend a sincere vote of thanks to Tony Gamble for his highly able stewardship of the club over the past five years.  We also thank Pat Tyrrell for his hard work in looking after the garden and club rooms over many years.