The Malvern
Bowling Club

Wednesday Walkers Wind Down

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Club members should know by now that on Wednesday throughout the colder months, the Classons started a wonderful initiative whereby folks could see each other in the “off season”, get some exercise and shout “WHO CARES!” to the weather.

Sometimes there were as many as twelve walkers, sometimes as few as two, but the route varied and the walk was always interesting – of course it was also a great chance to catch up with each other.  A coffee break, a snack at the end, perhaps a little lunch – all things have been possible. You don’t have to be athletic, there will always be someone who’s happy to walk at your pace.

The new tradition of Wednesday Walks has continued despite the beginning of the bowls season and if you’re interested, look out for Michael’s email advising where the meeting spot will be next Wednesday – most likely it will be 11:00am at the club in the week ahead.

Wednesday Walkers wind down after their trek today. Notice the smiles all ’round. ? ? (L-R Michael Classon, Helen Classon and John Finemore)