The Malvern
Bowling Club

Season 2015/2016 Practice Game 2

The weather forecast was excellent, the green was looking great and our team was pumped for our second practice game of the pre-season yesterday against Middle Park Bowls Club.

Malvern acquitted itself well again, winning the Keith Leonard Fleetwood Trophy with 122 shots to 82.

New Malvern club members John Murdoch and Maisie Plummer were warmly welcomed to the team and made a wonderful contribution to our overall success.  We look forward to them joining us for our pennant season, which begins (unusually) on SUNDAY 4 October, due to the Grand Final on the previous day.

Next Saturday (19 September) we play MCC in our final practice game, followed by the traditional Div 4 -v- Div 6 challenge on Saturday 26 September, when Cabrini Health will distribute our magnificent new shirts to pennant players.  Everyone is very excited to see them!  ?