The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

Well, the Pennant season has now commenced on Tuesday and is about to commence on Saturday.    I can’t express fully how frustrating it was to have to forfeit the 2nd side on the first week of Tuesday Pennant.   The unfortunate injury to Helen Borthwick was too much to cover and we had to make the call to forfeit.     Not an ideal start and extremely disappointing given the numbers we have at the club.

We have as a club always looked to ensure that those wanting to bowl pennant had at least one opportunity each week whether Tuesday or Saturday.   It looks like, with the numbers available on Tuesdays that we are going to struggle with numbers for the 2nd side on Tuesday and will have a number of bowlers who won’t be able to get a game every Saturday, not ideal at all.    I hope that members potentially review their availability for Tuesdays.

With respect to bowlers wanting a game on Saturday that we do not have available positions there will be 2 options hopefully, one for home games and one for away games:

  1. Home gamesWe will run a 9th rink and have a proper internal bankers game for those not selected in the sides for that week so if you make yourself available there will be a home game option.
  2. Away gamesI have contacted a club close to ours to see if we can integrate our bowlers with their banks to once again provide a game option.

Therefore, if you are available the club is looking to ensure you do get a game.

As a follow on the club still needs:

  1. Some more bowlers willing to bowl Tuesday pennant, currently we have less than 24 names on the list and we need to select sides for the first game in a week’s time and we need 24 and we have some unavailable already who’s names are on the list.  Please if you want a game Tuesday make sure your name is on the list for Tuesday.
  2. Night Pennant – as noted we are fielding one team this year (think it starts around November) but only have 9 names down for interested bowlers.    This is the first start in trying to grow the club and provide all bowlers wanting a game during the week an opportunity, besides that it is fun so if you want some good practice in a short format then I encourage you to put your name on the list at the club.
  1. Entries for club championships etc.     Entry forms are on the board and close Oct 6th.    There will be other competitions and I am also hoping to run a novice competition for those new bowlers as well…..stay tuned.

Other items:


Practice has commenced and is being well attended, thanks to Joe Aarons in working with and setting up some exercises for the 3rds and skips.      This week we will meet at 4:30pm and have a quick chat before practice, teams for Saturday will have been named and after 45 minutes of formal practice I hope that you will stay and have a roll in teams for Saturday against other rinks.

Anyone wanting to work specifically on technique can have a chat to me and we will arrange to provide this support.

Let’s continue to develop habits for the season in training and carry them forward.

Choral Afternoon

Just a reminder that we have a couple of events in November.   We need a minimum of 100 attendees for the Choral afternoon on November 11th, this should be a great afternoon and I encourage all members to come along and bring the family, just $25 including your first drink and something to eat as well represents great value and is an important fundraiser for the club.

Melbourne Cup Calcutta

We intend on Monday 5th of November to have a Melbourne Cup evening for all members to enjoy.    We will put a sheet at the club to garner interest, we would like to see at least 50 attendees, we will certainly have a few of our sponsors in attendance as well…….stay tuned…..

Capital Project Grants

A special thanks to all those that have assisted in getting lodged (despite very tight timelines) a couple of grants for the club; we are looking at some specific areas to upgrade the club and without the assistance of the following:

Ø  John Murdoch

Ø  Andy Smith

Ø  Roger Morrisson

Ø  Peter Nowatschenko

Ø  Graeme Lee

Ø  Olga Nowatschenko

Ø  Phin Meere

this would not have been possible.

Tuesday Pennant:

A great tussle at Ashburton saw the Div 3 side just fail to get over the line.   Competitive in all rinks without success still sets the benchmark for the balance of the season.

I have noted enough about the unfortunate forfeit in Div 5.

Members Health

Great to see Nick Zorbas healthy again at the opening of the green.    Terrible news about Helen Borthwich after her fall and we wish her a speedy recovery.   Dee Finemore has had double pneumonia…..only Dee could get it twice but is on the road to recovery fortunately.    To those members struggling with health battles we wish you good luck and speedy recovery.

Working Bee:

A few of the members were at the club for a couple of hours to work on clearing up the men’s change area and the bowls cage as well as a general clean up (bloody ants!!!!!).   It is amazing what can be achieved in a couple of hours as I am sure anyone who has ventured into the club recently would have seen.

A special thanks to the following:

Ø  Brian and Robyn Loh

Ø  John Finemore

Ø  John Murdoch

Ø  Graeme Lee

Ø  Andy Smith

Ø  Suzanne Gibbs

Ø  Dee Finemore

Ø  Penny Gamble

Ø  Anita D’Andrea

Ø  Olga Nowatschenko

for all your help and assistance.    I think I have captured everyone who assisted and am sincerely sorry if I have missed anyone.

The spirit of this club continues to shine and demonstrate why this is a great community and family club.   Let’s bring in Saturday pennant with a couple of overall wins and set the season up as we would like.

I hope you all are looking forward to the season as I am; we want to be competitive on the greens, respectful of our opposition and hopefully successful.

Good luck and good bowling!!!!



President – Malvern Bowling Club

M – 0410 074 270

E – [email protected]