The Malvern
Bowling Club


Hi All

Well the season finally starts today and hopefully the top Tuesday side will have a win to go with the walkover we received in Div 5.
Saturday pennant is only a few sleeps away and we embark on a new phase for the Malvern Bowling club with a 3rd team entered for the first time.   I have no doubt the competition will be equal to at least Div 6 so we have some challenges but the reality is it allows the club the growth and to ensure that we can provide another 6 Malvern Bowlers a game every week.
Wednesday night dinners commence 9th October and there will be a sheet at the club this week to put your name down.   Penelope Gamble will as usual manage the weekly dinners and we look forward to firstly having her back but most importantly seeing what surprises we can serve up to our guests.
I can also confirm we will have Michael O’Brien with us on Wednesday 6th November for dinner a bowl and a bit of a Q&A so please keep this night free.    I am hoping to get Katie Allen along as well on the day together with a few of our sponsors so it should be a really good night.
All the best to bowlers on the weekend, see you at training on Thursday.    Special thanks to Joe Aarons who is up and about again and who is now coaching our new members and to Gerald Meuli for his efforts in helping around the garden and especially with the Lemon Tree.
Also……..daylight savings commences this weekend…..bring on summer……27 degrees forecast for Saturday!!!!!



President – Malvern Bowling Club

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