The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

Well the season is almost upon us now and I don’t know about you but I am the most excited I have been for a few years about the season ahead.

To say we have had a great off season with new recruits would be an understatement, new bowlers confirmed to the club this year include:

  • Michael Pappas
  • Andy Pappas
  • Ron Scerri
  • Nelson Fong
  • David & Sandra Knott

Please make them welcome, the increase of new bowlers of such quality will certainly help us in the pursuit of competition success in both divisions.

If you also consider that John Murdoch and Derek de Korte return to full time bowling after missing chunks of last year then the club looks to be in a strong position.

The accessible toilet and surrounds looks fantastic now almost complete and what a difference the changes have made to the club house!!!!! As previously mentioned enough thanks cannot be heaped onto the sub-committee of:

Andy Smith

Roger Morrison

Malcolm McLean

Peter Nowatschenko

Phin Meere

Penny Gamble

This project could not have been completed without the support of the East Malvern Branch of Bendigo Bank who are great supporters of the club as well as the Federal Government through a grant via Kelly O’Dwyer that have ensured that we could get this all done…..your support means a lot to this community club.

Special thanks to Ron Scerri for his painting expertise and to Jill and Malcom McLean for their help around the club, spreading the load makes it all more worth it.

If you haven’t been to the club lately you would also have missed the new part of the fence going up…..Troy is a legend with great help form Andy they whipped up the 2nd part of the fence.   Can’t tell you how much better this makes the grounds look.

The green is looking fabulous with Adrian doing a great job and we hope members will enjoy the way it plays once we get back into it.

The club sends its best wishes to anyone struggling with health at the moment:

  • Robyn Loh – too old to be bike riding…..
  • Nick Zorbas – we hope to see you at the club soon
  • Graeme Lee – on the road to recovery
  • June Lee – some clean up works and on the road to recovery


Important Dates:

  • Opening of the green – Saturday 31st August

There is a form at the club today so please put your name down for catering.   11:30 start and we will officially open the accessible toilet as well with our dignitaries.

  • Practice Matches

Saturday 7th September at home against Dandenong Club – There is an availability form at the club

Saturday 14th September at home against MCC – There is an availability form at the club

Sunday 22nd September – Yes Sunday at home against Middle Park – There is an availability form at the club

All practice matches are uniform and full scale 21 ends commencing at 1:00pm

  • Club Championships

Forms are at the club for entries for the singles and pairs for men and women.   Entries will be open until September 30th

  • Summer in August

You have received today a flyer for Sunday 25th August for Summer in August, a relaxed opportunity to mix with your friends and new members and sponsors of the club.   There is a form at the club, please put your names and numbers down so we can confirm catering.   Sponsors will be in attendance as well.  $20/head for a gourmet BBQ, salads and desert and fruit.   Drinks at club prices.

  • We have 16 members going to Dandenong club next week for a social game and some finger food. Should be fun with new friends.
  • Club Secretary – having been over-run with silence on my request for a volunteer to be the club secretary Roger Morrison (memberships) and I will manage the communications and secretarial role until we have someone who would like to assist. We are a happy and enthusiastic bunch on committee and would welcome a new voice and input if you feel the urge to get involved.
  • Prior to season commencing we will outline coaching for beginners, members and also selection criteria as well as considering another session on measuring and marking (if Suzanne is available). Stay tuned.

The club is undergoing some internal discussions on our involvement in the community, how we go about it, what we want to look like as a club, where we are at the moment and how, once we have identified this in the form of a strategic paper how we can get it all funded through state and federal commitments.   I have met with Joe Aarons who has been through this process on numerous occasions and he is willing to assist the club in this whole process…….thanks in advance Joe and I look forward to working with you to ensure that the vision for the club and its future becomes a reality.

One final thanks, Andy Smith…….the work around the club, your involvement, enthusiasm, support and commitment is 2nd to none.   You are certainly a major asset and the club is appreciative of ALL you are doing.

See you all hopefully at Summer in August, Sunday 25th August!!!! (Flyer attached….just in case you didn’t get one.



President – Malvern Bowling Club