The Malvern
Bowling Club


Dear Members,

I can confirm to all members that we will officially open the new green on the 15th September and will take the opportunity hopefully to welcome our life members and local members to assist us as with last year.    It is really important for us as a club and as members to look for every opportunity to work with and support our valued sponsors.

Major sponsors of the club that are confirmed for this season are as follows:

Regis Aged Care – we welcome Regis back as a sponsor and trust that we can have a mutually beneficial relationship for this season and beyond.

Hocking Stuart – where else would you go in Malvern for buying, selling or renting.   Don’t forget the great work they do with all community based groups

Glenferrie Road Traders – en mass, support the local traders as much as you can

Where To Travel – great personalized service and continue to support the club

Back in motion – whatever ails you, they are there to assist

Cabrini Hospital – generous sponsors of the club every year and we as a club owe them for all their assistance

Specsaver – Audiology –  our newest sponsor, go and have a hearing test, it’s free and the service is great… the way did I mention they are turning the audiology world upside down with the best prices highest quality hearing equipment.    I am pretty sure we have a few members who could benefit…..

Master Drycleaners – continue to support the club with vouchers and funds, a strong local brand!!!

Michael O’Brien – continued support from our local member, by the way a mean bowler too!!!

Kelly O’Dwyer – our local Federal member has a great interest in what we do and how it impacts our community and is always willing to engage.    An asset to the club.

Bendigo Bank – for the last 2 years the community bank has been very generous in its support of the club and we are hopeful that they will continue to support us.

Key Dates for your diaries:

August 25th

Xmas in August.    It’s next weekend!!!! Numbers are building (almost 40 so far including some sponsors) so please add yours to the list currently in the club rooms and look for a great and entertaining night.

Saturday 1st September:

Practice match away at Middle Park for the two teams – please put your name for availability down on the list at the club so we can start to think about rinks  / teams

Saturday 8th September:

Practice match away at MCC for the two teams – please put your name for availability down on the list at the club

Saturday 15th September:

Opening of the Green – Here is the draft time schedule:

11:30am Introduction of dignitaries, life members  and welcome from Club President

11:35am Response from Major Sponsor and Local/Federal Member

11:40am Major Sponsor and Local/Federal Member have two bowls each

11:45am Invitation to Life Members to have two bowls each

11:50am Invitation to current club champions – Sue Gibbs and John Murdoch to have two bowls each

12:00pm Invite all in attendance in for 15 minutes for drink and snack

12:15pm Commence formal business:

> Introduction from Club President into the season ahead and discussion as follows

Ø  Meet the committee

Ø  Practice – when / times / intent – strategies/teams/co-ordination/availability

Ø  Selection criteria – extra rink home games

Ø  Introduction to the selectors

Ø  Events Calendar – Div 4 / Div 7 challenge

Ø  Website – what you will see weekly

Ø  Major Sponsors

Ø  Handbook

Ø  Maintenance around the club

Ø  Etiquette / positions in teams

Ø  Measuring and Umpiring

Ø  Club Championships and entries etc

1:00pm Questions

1:30pm Social Bowls – there will be some munchies etc available from this time for those that do not want to bowl but would prefer to socialize

4:00pm – conclusion



President – Malvern Bowling Club

M – 0410 074 270

E – [email protected]