The Malvern
Bowling Club

Ladies’ Singles Final Result

The Ladies Singles Club Championship final match was played today to a good-sized crowd of members who came along to see two wonderful bowlers strut their stuff.  The spectators were certainly not disappointed, witnessing absolutely marvellous strategic bowling by Dee Finemore and Eiko Sakai.  The battle was hard-fought, with most ends showing a crowd of bowls so closely clustered around the jack as to be almost obscuring it!  It truly was a spectacular game of skill from both players.

The finals are played “first to 25 points” and today the resulting score was Eiko defeating Dee, 25-11.  We sincerely congratulate Eiko on her win.

Dee Finemore and Eiko Sakai do battle.
Just one example of a close head achieved by these two skilled bowlers.
Dee Finemore (L) and Eiko Sakai (R)


Eiko Sakai, Malvern Bowling Club Ladies Singles Champion