The Malvern
Bowling Club


What a fabulous night Penny, Anita and Antoniette organised. The food was truly delicious, the club house looked festive and the crowd happy and beautiful. I know many helped our fab. 3 both with food, setting up and cleaning up and many thanks to you also. I won’t attempt to name all those supportive members as I’m afraid since I wasn’t at all involved I’m not certain who did what. Although I do suspect it was the usual suspects. Anyway we are all very grateful to the organisers and their helpers for a great night. I must add Stuart was his usual inclusive and engaging self and provided lots of laughs with his Christmas trivia quiz. The Catholics, lapsed or not, did OK, but Andy Barraclough was a real star. A misspent youth in Sunday School?

We start bowling this Saturday, hooray, and good luck to all.

Friday night drinks will certainly continue now the season has started so I’ll see you then.