The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good morning,

Our Friday night drinks continue to be well attended and this Friday as a special let’s cheer up and pretend it’s not cold and dreary John will BBQ his MBC famous hamburgers. They, of course, are not to be confused with the world famous variety,  but they’re still pretty yum. Please let John know if you’re coming for dinner. He’s charging $7.50 for a burger, chips, salad and an Illy ‘s cake. It’s a good opportunity to catch up with friends but also to view the progress of the renovation of the toilets and provision of an accessible toilet.

A very happy group enjoyed and can thoroughly recommend Rocketman. The first Tuesday movie group will meet at the Lido on Tuesday 2nd July and hopefully see Yesterday. I’m not certain of the time but I’ll be in touch.

Robyn Loh and Neil Martin are slowly but surely recovering from surgery. We wish them and all our friends who aren’t well the very best.

Functions continue and MBC thanks Andy Smith, John and I for working last Saturday evening.  Approximately $1800 profit was the result of hosting The Half Moon Bay SLSC.

Members are enjoying the winter break. Travellers include the Mathers, the Arnold -Levys,  the Derbyshires, the  Murdochs, The Nowatschenkos, Gerald, Anita, Caroline and the McLeans.

Others continue to bowl, including Andy S, John Murdoch, David Knott, Jill and Stuart. I’m sure they’d be happy if you got in touch to join them for a roll.

Movie going is a popular winter pass time and Red Joan, Top End Wedding and All Is True can be recommended.

And of course there’s always a good book. Boy Swallows Universe, A Gentleman From Moscow, Any Ordinary Day and Becoming have received enthusiastic reviews.

I hope to see you Friday, any time from 4:30.