The Malvern
Bowling Club


Good Morning,

Many of you will know how successful our luncheon was to celebrate the end of the season and present awards to many MBC members. I don’t know how we can thank Penny and Anita enough for their delicious lunch. Of course they were helped by many, June, Rose, Bev, Janet, Marg Murdoch, Ann Hume, Diana, Joy and Toniette. Thank you all so much. The beautiful day just added to the happiness and friendliness that we all enjoy every time we get together. Among those who attended we were particularly pleased to see Helen Borthwich, Olive, Marty, Caroline Weber, Di Smith, Ted and Vanessa Payne, Allen and Joan Thomas, Rohan and Lindsay.

On Saturday night the Higgins Liberal Party members held their post election function at MBC. This was an enormously successful night for them and MBC.  Probably over 100 increasingly happy liberal members attended during the evening resulting in a very profitable bar. This function took hours of organisation, thank you John Murdoch. Also involved in helping organise and set up for the night were Andy Smith, Stuart, Wayne and Penny. On the night Stuart, John and Marg Murdoch, Penny, Andy Smith, Gregor, John and I worked very hard and until late. It was an interesting night to be so closely involved with ‘the miracle’ so we did have fun as well. However this made our efforts on Sunday all the more remarkable and as I wrote earlier we really can’t thank many of members enough for their efforts. I think this particularly applies to Penny.

Congratulations to all who received awards on Sunday, particularly Andy Smith, the Tony Gamble award and Neil Martin, the President’s award. Neil is recovering from surgery so we all wish him well. Robyn Loh also has just had surgery for a broken leg and of course we wish her the same.

And remember every Wednesday from 10 o’clock Andy Smith and others hold a working bee at the club. Those who’ve been helping include Allen, Chris and Geoff. Thank you.

Our Friday night drinks continue to be well attended and I look forward to seeing you then.

And remember we get together to see a movie every first Tuesday of the month.