The Malvern
Bowling Club


Hi All,

Last Wednesday night Stuart, our master chef, provided a delicious BBQ for 35 members and friends.

We were pleased to welcome new members Carol and Graeme Bowker and Robin Stevens.

And I believe all very much enjoyed the pre dinner entertainment, an excellent game between John Murdoch and Ross. This, like most of our championship games, was very close, played in the best spirit and showed the skill that is so often evident during pennant.

Ed and Derek had a similar game, Ed eventually proving too strong, with an amazing last end, his 4 bowls within a  foot of the jack.

And of course the truly exciting news is Saturday’s pennant result. Both sides having a WIN! A sign of great bowling to come! John and I wish all happy bowling for the next week, a yummy meal tonight and a fun filled and interesting Sunday.


Dee here is something for your diary. Hot off the press. Ladies’ singles level at 23 all Eiko won over Andy B 25 – 23  and men’s singles level at 23 all Garry won over Andy S 25  – 23 how often would that happen?  Regards R2