The Malvern
Bowling Club

Cabrini Cup

The annual Cabrini Cup competition was held yesterday, with 24 MBC bowlers competing in two games of ten ends each.  Some very fine bowling was evidenced by many bowlers and it was great to welcome new bowlers David Bennett, Edward Payne and Garry Devlin to the green for their first “real” competition at the club.  As usual with such intra-club comps, the atmosphere was relaxed and fun, despite the overriding desire of every team to win, win, WIN!

Between the two games, a delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches supplied by Cabrini was very much appreciated before the competition continued, finishing around 4:30pm with Helen Classon’s team being victorious overall.

Helen accepted the Cabrini Cup on behalf of her team, comprising Anita d’Andrea, Shinei Sakai and Ross Stuart.  We were honoured to have Cath Garner, Executive Director Mission and Strategy, Cabrini, in attendance to present the cup.  Cath spoke briefly about Cabrini’s Outreach Programme and how committed Cabrini is to maintaining and building on its relationship with the Malvern Bowling Club.  We are delighted, of course, to acknowledge this commitment.

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