The Malvern
Bowling Club

Annual Div. 4 -v- Div. 6 Challenge

On Saturday our annual post-pennant season Div. 4 -v- Div.6 game saw a most interesting match in which each division won two rinks.

Some late withdrawals resulted in the Div. 4 side being reduced to four triples, pitted against two triples and two fours for Div 6. Challenges, indeed!

Both Div. 6 fours played very well for solid wins against the Div. 4 triples while the tables were turned in the triples -v- triples matches in which both Div 4. sides had big wins to get the Div. 4 side home for a comfortable victory. 

The All Stars Trophy for the best winning rink was won by the Div. 4 triple of Andy Barraclough, Allen Thomas and Brian Loh (pictured below).  Congratulations to them and to the successful Div. 4 team.