Malvern Bowling Club has served the local community for over 100 years. We provide a place for local people to meet, socialise and have fun.

The Club has a strategic vision to raise $100,000 for the Malvern Bowling Club in order to transform it into a 365 day a year facility for use by members and the local community.

The club has survived for the time that it has due mainly to a hard-working committee with support from generous sponsors and members.

The club is a not for profit but through good management finds itself in a solid financial position to allow it to launch into its next chapter. The club has a healthy balance sheet, a committed and stable committee, membership growth and is more than competitive on the bowling green with two teams entered into Tuesday Pennant, one team entered into Tuesday Night Pennant and three teams entered for Saturday Pennant competition.

Although the Malvern Bowling Club has supported elements of the local community during its existence by providing the elements noted above, the current committee believes that the club can be a far more integrated and involved member of the local community. The club receives day-to-day support from its major sponsors for which it will be eternally grateful – these sponsors are focused on supporting local groups that are integral to providing benefits to the local community.

The Malvern Bowling Club recognizes, accepts and understands that it has a responsibility to be more than just a bowling and social club albeit that these aspects are important and will continue.

A diagrammatic representation of our vision is shown below. This diagram tries to pictorially show how the Malvern Bowling Club sees itself in the future and the different elements it is trying to influence, impact and effect with permanent, positive change.


Malvern’s Strategic Vision