Social bowls options at MBC include;

  • Wednesday Barefoot Bowls, Bar and Community Meal – This kicks off around 5 pm every Wednesday night between October and May and you don’t need to be a member to join in the fun! Just phone us by 3 pm Monday, let us know how many of you would like to come along (so we can cater for you) and whether you’d like to roll a bowl or prefer to just grab a glass of something refreshing from the bar and watch. At MBC we pride ourselves on being a community club, so dinner is deliberately a low cost, healthy, convivial, ‘cheap and cheerful’ meal (often cooked on the barbecue) by club volunteers, to suit the budgets of the broadest possible range of people in the Stonnington Community. Click here to book or enquire further.

  • Book Your Own Rink – We also accept group bookings for those wishing to play in a corporate or family group. Click here for further info.

  • Jack Attack – Stay tuned for details.

  • Thursday Night Training – Although training at Malvern Bowling Club is as much a social activity as anything else with lots of laughs and a hint of light-hearted sledging! we also bat above our weight in terms of serious competition and the club overall is currently on the rise. Training nights are a great opportunity to dip your toe in the water. If you’re curious about learning how to bowl, just walk through the front gate on a Thursday night after 4 pm, during the bowls season from early October to early March, grab the nearest bowler and ask them to introduce you to one of our coaches or committee members.

  • Friday Drinks – Simply drop in to the club late on a Friday afternoon (between October and May) around 4.30 pm, when a few of our members will be sharing a drink, recapping the week and perhaps rolling a lazy bowl or two. This is a great chance to get a feel for the place and if you ask nicely someone will usually be happy to find a set of club bowls for you to try your hand with.