Malvern Bowling Club has served the local community for over 100 years. We provide a place for local people to meet, socialise and have fun.

The Club has a strategic vision to raise $100,000 for the Malvern Bowling Club in order to transform it into a 365 day a year facility for use by members and the local community.

The club has survived for the time that it has due mainly to a hard-working committee with support from generous sponsors and members.

The club is a not for profit but through good management finds itself in a solid financial position to allow it to launch into its next chapter. The club has a healthy balance sheet, a committed and stable committee, membership growth and is more than competitive on the bowling green with two teams entered into Tuesday Pennant, one team entered into Tuesday Night Pennant and three teams entered for Saturday Pennant competition.

Although the Malvern Bowling Club has supported elements of the local community during its existence by providing the elements noted above, the current committee believes that the club can be a far more integrated and involved member of the local community. The club receives day-to-day support from its major sponsors for which it will be eternally grateful – these sponsors are focused on supporting local groups that are integral to providing benefits to the local community.

The Malvern Bowling Club recognizes, accepts and understands that it has a responsibility to be more than just a bowling and social club albeit that these aspects are important and will continue.

A diagrammatic representation of our vision is shown below. This diagram tries to pictorially show how the Malvern Bowling Club sees itself in the future and the different elements it is trying to influence, impact and effect with permanent, positive change.

Malvern’s Strategic Vision

President’s Message

Welcome to season 2019/2020. Firstly I appreciate the vote of confidence the members of the club have shown in me to remain the President of the Malvern Bowling Club for this year and thank the committee and sub-committee members for their continued support and commitment. It is a very exciting time for the club with a couple of firsts for the club:

  • A 3rd team this season

  • A new accessible toilet (special thanks to East Malvern branch Bendigo Bank)

We welcome all new and returning members to the club and hope that they feel part of the Malvern community and enjoy their experience with us. We say goodbye to some long-term members in Shinei and Eiko Sakai who are returning to Japan and also to Garry Devlin who has gone back to South Australia and Doug Ritchie who is joining a club closer to home. We wish any member not fully healthy or fit the best for recovery and hope to see you at the club soon.

We commence the season with high expectations after last year’s successes and hope to get both teams to finals again with the opportunity for promotion.

The club is setting sail in an exciting direction with our local community involvement being the cornerstone. The efforts of the maintenance team is transforming and modernizing the club and we trust that the changes and improvements are recognized and appreciated. We have many members who have become involved supporting through actions and assistance and we are confident that we can be a great community citizen. Personally the commitment from the club committee is to ensure that whilst competitive on the greens we never lose the community feel that makes this club special.

The club could not function without the support of its sponsors who are advertised here, please support them where possible, you will see them regularly at events and weekly highlighted in my messages to members.

Go Malvern!!!

Stuart Arnold-Levy
President Malvern Bowling Club

MBC Structure

The current structure of the club consists of a Committee with President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer as well as six Sub-Committee Chairs. These are listed below. Each year at the Annual General Meeting of the club, nominations are received for these positions and they are ratified each year. These are the positions:

  • President – Stuart Arnold-Levy

  • Vice-President – Edward Payne

  • Secretary – Fran Le Cornu

  • Treasurer – Gregor Dougall

  • Sub-Committee Chairs:

  • Bowls – Stuart Arnold-Levy

  • Membership – Roger Morrisson

  • Functions – Penny Gamble

  • Sponsorships & Public Relations – John Murdoch

  • Social Functions – John Finemore

  • Property & Maintenance – Andy Smith

Social Engagement

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the club’s many social activities:

  • Movie days

  • Friday drinks from 4:30 pm

  • Wednesday Night Dinners

  • Annual dinners (e.g., Opening of the Green, Xmas Cocktail Evening, Melbournaires Choir)

  • Social bowls any time you like!

Sponsorship Partners

As is the case with the great majority of self-funded sporting organisations, the Malvern Bowling Club is heavily reliant on the valuable support offered by its sponsors and supporters.



Cabrini Health Australia


Bendigo Bank


Hocking Stuart Real Estate, Armadale

Glenferrie Road Malvern Business Association


Specsavers Audiology

New Sponsor March 2018New Sponsor March 2018

Malvern 9500 9218

169 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, VIC, 3144



 Regis Aged Care


Master Dry Cleaners

Entity Solutions Pty Ltd 

Contact Mathew Franceschini


The Malvern Bowling Club would like to thank Michael O’Brien MP, State Member for Malvern and Katie Allen MP, Federal Member for Higgins.



Progress report on ‘Project 100’, links to ‘Go Fund Me’ page, TBA.


In 1911 Malvern was a thriving suburb enjoying considerable prosperity.  It was declared a city in March of that year, and the tramline along Dandenong Road was opened.  There was talk of constructing another line along Glenferrie Road to link Malvern and Kew.

A bowling green (probably the first in Victoria) had been put down in 1862, beside the Gardiner Hotel at the corner of Dandenong and Glenferrie Roads; but this was mainly for the benefit of “gentlemen who are desirous of practice at cricket, bowls or pigeon shooting” and who were patrons of the hotel.

The first club in Victoria was the Melbourne Bowling Club which began in 1864 at Windsor with 182 members.

A number of prominent Malvern citizens decided to form a club, but little progress was made until the Hon. F. Hagelthorn gave a portion of his land, known as the Coonil Estate, for the use of the club.  This generous gift enabled the club to provide a green and a pavilion and on 20th October 1911 the Malvern Bowling Club was given official registration as a club with its own Constitution.

The first committee consisted of the following: F. Hagelthorn (President), C S Clarke (Hon. Sec.), E Potts (Hon. Treasurer), L J Flannagan, W H Mclennan (Vice-Presidents), J Madder, T R H Willis, C A Norris and Dr Lee.

It was stated in the First Annual Report that the committee had held 42 meetings.

The club began with 119 members and the annual subscription was two guineas.  At the first Annual General Meeting of the Club on 14th February 1912, the President reported that “a handsome and commodious pavilion has been erected at a cost of £402”.  He specially thanked VP Leonard Flanagan (an architect) for the planning and supervision of its construction.  It was intended that a billiard room be added later.

The Club joined the then Victorian Bowling Association and entered one team for Pennant and tied with the Brighton Club for second place in the section.

The first President and first Life Member of the club was the Hon. F Hagelthorn MLC.  He was a man who rose from humble beginnings to a responsible ministerial position in the Victorian Parliament.  He was born in 1864 at Sebastopol and after leaving school at 14 worked as a “whim boy” at the gold mine.  After a few years he had saved enough to start a small general store.  He prospered and built up a large and successful business as a land agent with headquarters in Horsham.  He had a lifelong interest in the Mallee and Wimmera and on entering the Parliament worked hard to help the wheat farmers of these regions.  In 1913 he became Minister for Public Works but retired from Parliament six years later.  Frederick Hagelthorn was a man of great integrity and honesty and was widely respected.  The late Sir Robert Menzies said of him “I honour the name of a great Australian”.  His home “Mangoplan” was situated where Cabrini Hospital now stands.  He lived there until 1920 but moved away from Malvern and died in 1943.

The year 1959 was a very significant one because in that year ladies were admitted to the club as Associate Members.  The first president of the associates was Mrs G Kerry.  Mrs A K Anderson was the first Hon. Secretary and the first Lady Club Champion was Mrs AW Thomas.  With the coming of the ladies the club entered upon a new phase.  Not only were we now able to enjoy the company of the ladies on the green but their enthusiastic support has been of tremendous value to the club in ever so many ways.

Also, in 1959 a major project was undertaken in the rebuilding of the clubhouse and the new premises were officially opened in August 1961.  Over the years much work has been done to improve the green and the club amenities and today we have a club of which we can all be proud.

Life Members

Honour Boards (digitised database)

These are photographs of existing honour boards (which will preserve the information on them should they ever be destroyed). Stay tuned for a MySQL searchable database.

Life Members

Mens Invitation Fours 1977 – 1989

Mens Invitation Fours 1989 – 1997

Presidents & Champions (Ladies Section) 1995 – Present

Presidents & Champions (Lady Associates) 1959 – 1995

Presidents & Champions 1911 – 1963

Presidents & Champions 1963 – 1995

Presidents & Champions (Mens Section) 1995 – Present

Rahel Shannon Memorial Trophy 1973 – 2007

Secretary (Lady Associates) 1959 – 1995

Secretary, Treasurer, Committee 1911 – 2019