Season 2015/2016 Practice Game 3



In brilliant sunshine and temperatures of around 20 degrees today, Malvern triumphed in the Roger Martin Perpetual Shield final practice game of the pre-season, against MCC, 126 shots to 113.  That’s three out of three for the gold and blues in the practice games, and we could not be more thrilled.

Next Saturday will be very exciting!   Div 4 will play against Div 6 for bragging rights, but even more thrillingly – our new shirts will be handed out prior to the game by Dr Michael Walsh of Cabrini Health.  Be sure to come along to play, but if you cannot play, come and support the bowlers!  There’s a sign-up sheet at the club if you want to have a game.  Alternately, phone Michael on 0419 310 460 to ask him to list you.  We need to see everyone in the new shirts for the first (midweek) pennant game on Tuesday 29 September, so please do try to come along next Saturday to receive yours!

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