New Green Lighting!

We are excited to announce that work commenced yesterday on the new green lighting at Malvern Bowling Club.

Accolades must go to Pat Tyrrell, who set in train the process of organising quotes with electricians and sourcing the most wonderful new lights from Germany.  Aside from the obvious safety benefits of having brand new lights to replace those we had which were completely rusted through, the replacement lights are going to make a huge difference to the appearance of our greens during evening bowling activities such as Wednesday Night Barefoot Bowls.  Thank you, Pat, for your hard work in seeing this project through to fruition!

Two rows of lights are currently being erected and the second set of two rows should be finished within the next two weeks, weather permitting.


Severe rust at the base of the old light fittings meant that the old fittings were literally falling apart.



Old light fitting – silicone patching was an interim measure to hold the light together!



The first two rows have been taken down and will be replaced in the next few days, weather permitting.



The rows of lighting over Rinks 1 & 2, 3 & 4 have been taken down.


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Hi! I'm Deb Hurford - I have been a resident of Malvern for the past 7 years although in an earlier life I lived here for 12 years. I've only been bowling for a very short while but I've gone the "whole hog" and jumped in to help with social events at Malvern Bowls Club where required and now I'm doing a little work on the website. I hope I can help YOU to get the best out of this site, as it belongs to YOU, the member. Please don't hesitate to suggest changes and additions - I'll always listen.
  1. Dee Finemore Reply

    Well done to all involved. Fun under lights, Wednesday nights!

  2. Geoff Harding Reply

    WOW…this is great to see and can’t wait to check out the new lights.
    Malvern now will well and truly be in the spotlight

  3. Graeme Reply

    Spot on Deb, Pat is amazing and his contributions very much appreciated. We should mention our contractor, Charli Brown Electrics and supplier, Middys. (Anton Middendorp is a supporter, member and neighbour).

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